Leondios G. Kostrikis, Ph.D.
University of Cyprus
Head of Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology

Ph.D. in Biochemistry
New York University, USA, 1993

M.Sc. in Biochemistry
New York University, USA, 1989

B.A. in Biochemistry
New York University, USA, 1987

M: +357 9959 3538
e: lkostrik@ucy.ac.cy


Leondios Kostrikis is a Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus and Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology. He was born in and lived his first years in Ashia of the Mesaoria valley in Ammochostos District. He received his B.Sc. (1987), M.Sc. (1989), M.Ph. (1990) and Ph.D. (1993) degrees from New York University (NYU), United States (USA). This was followed by post-doctoral research at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center of Rockefeller University (New York) on the molecular virology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus. He joined the faculty of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC) as a Staff Investigator in 1998 and the Rockefeller University as an Assistant Professor in 1999. He returned to Cyprus in 2003, joining the University of Cyprus. He was a Fulbright Scholar for his undergraduate studies in the US and received scholar awards from the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Aaron Diamond Foundation and the Patti Cadby Birch Trust in the USA. In 2005 he received an Honorary Distinction from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, USA for his accomplishments which have contributed to the betterment of the world. He was among the forty Fulbright scholars selected from 250,000 Fulbright alumni from 140 countries since 1946. He is an Editorial Board member for thirteen international journals, and has served on numerous study sections and committees for European and international grant agencies and charities. He is a cofounder of the European Society for Translational Antiviral Research (ESAR), the founder of the Cyprus HIV-1 Transmission Cohort Study (CHICS) and a scientific member of the global WHO-UNAIDS Network for HIV Isolation and Characterisation. Ιn 2019, he was elected as Founding Member of the Cypriot Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts (Biological Sciences).

For more than two decades, Prof. Kostrikis’ research efforts focus, on a translational research program that characterizes human genetic and viral factors responsible for major global viral infectious disease threats. Over the years, Prof. Kostrikis has made significant contributions to the study of human genetics in the transmission of HIV-1 and disease progression, the global molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 infection and global transmission drug resistance. He is considered as one of the world’s pioneers and top experts in establishing the role of human genetics in the transmission of HIV-1 and progression to AIDS. He has made seminal contributions by demonstrating the important implications of natural polymorphisms found in human chemokine receptor genes in the transmission of HIV-1 and disease progression. Prof. Kostrikis has now turned his attention to novel concepts in HIV-1 vaccine development and prevention of HIV-1 transmission.